Train stations in Lebanon

09 June, 2011 § 2

Ever wondered what's behind that 4m high monumental wall along the Beirut Highway (going from downtown to karantina)? I had always seen that "shou fi wara l 7ayt" graffiti on the wall and it always made me wonder, but I had always missed the link to the answer.

*drum rolls*
it's a train station!

I can't believe that! Mar Mikhael station, hidden right in the middle of Beirut. And to think I went all the way to the Bekaa to see another station along that railway.
Please check this link for more info: shou fi wara l 7ayt?

Also, as you can see in the events page, there will be a 2-day open doors at Tripoli Railway Station on June 25 and 26. Check the event's facebook page and be there!

Seriously, is there anything better than discovering the historical treasures of your own country?!

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