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13 June, 2012 § 4

Wow. Four postless months already! In my mind, I was always updating this blog with very interesting stuff. But I gotta take a stroll outside of the walls of my brain from time to time.

A lot of things have been happening lately  and it would be a shame not to share them with whoever is reading this!

For the past 2 months I've been taking part in Desmeem. Desmeem is a collaborative project between Lebanese and European designers to promote the awareness of design as a problem solving tool for social and environmental issues. It's been a great ride and it's only getting more intense as it nears its end! I'm part of the Sustainable Consumerism team and we've been working on creating a community-based system for reusing / recycling plastic bags. We organized a great event where we worked with students/teachers on teaching them how they can make pretty things with plastic bags threads and the enthusiasm was very heartwarming.  We're also working with artisans on creating products with plastic bags and these 2 pretty chairs below are an example of what can be done!

You can also check out this infographic a team mate made about the state of garbage in Lebanon, very alarming numbers! (Bigger resolution available here.)

The biggest highlight of the project is that it ends with an exhibition during the Beirut Design Week. This is the first design week in Lebanon ever so the mixture of stress and excitement is overwhelming at times! (Now you get why I haven't been blogging properly einh?)

So if you're a designer and you'd like to see yourself as someone with the power to make change you should not miss this event. All the Desmeem teams will be presenting on different days and all the projects are very interesting to know about. My team is on Saturday the 29th :)


On another note, I spent 2 awesome weeks in April between Paris and Bordeaux. I never get enough of these cities, I was planning on making a post with all the pictures of pretty signs and posters that I took but now the idea kind of feels démodé.

I've also found some time to work on a new lettering experiment and to my greatest joy and disbelief it was showcased on TypographyServed! *heart attack*
You can check it out here!


So see you at the beirut design week peeps! :)

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