Tell me what font you use, I'll tell you who you are.

04 April, 2011 § 5

I am too lazy to have taste. I prefer to have my opinions already made for me. I hate all time-telling devices since i like to think of myself as timeless.
Favorite song: Hotel California
Favorite movie: The graduate

In my previous life I was a roman warrior. This still echoes in my undying love for anything ancient and powerful. I speak slowly but steadily and my voice keeps on echoing forever in time.
Favorite song: When I am laid in earth from Dido and Aeneas.
Favorite movie: The list is too long, I have compiled it here.

I'm the biggest stuck-up you'll ever meet. I'm not scared to say what's on my mind. I'm tall and fat and just generally in you face! People over-trust me to represent their ideals.
Favorite song: Can I bitch - Eminem
Favorite movie: Deep impact

I may look like your regular gentleman but if you look close enough you'll find I'm a little sharper round the edges. I like to keep a distance between me and my peers and you will never find me sitting down or slumping around.
Favorite song: I don't listen to music, messes with my integrity.
Favorite movie: The adventures of Sherlock Holmes

I'm all bubbly and cute and expressive. I wear my heart on my sleeve and you can never shut me up. I touch everybody's hearts and souls, it kinda makes me want to puke at times.
Favorite song: Barbie girl
Favorite movie: Asterix et Obélix

Ever since I was born, people have been saying that I'm the easiest child they've ever met. I've grown to be everybody's favorite secrets keeper since I'm so open-minded and bland I never judge anyone. It worries me sometimes that this makes me the no-opinion, no-personality dude but I guess it's OK.
Favorite song: Elevator music
Favorite movie: All and none

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